2020 Ontario Micro Wedding Recap: Inspiration for your Wedding Planning Process

The coronavirus definitely impacted the way that weddings looked in 2020 - but despite the restrictions on gatherings, they still felt exactly the same - filled with love. I've done some analysis on the weddings from 2020 and wanted to share these love stories with you as you plan your 2021 and 2022 wedding day. Remember, it might look different, but it's the same you, same partner.

A few quick statistics to share with you! Of all the weddings I photographed this year;

  • 14% were Backyard Weddings

  • 14% were Elopements

  • 29% were Outside at a Venue

  • 43% were Inside at a Venue

The Backyard Wedding

Couples definitely took advantage of their backyards this year! Some even their front yards! Some their parent's or friend's house! Honestly, it was pretty beautiful to see family's welcoming weddings into their homes, it felt nostalgic. Some couples ended up celebrating elsewhere and then coming back home for and outdoor distanced gathering.

The Micro Wedding at a Venue

A lot of couples went into their wedding planning with the vision of having 100+ people celebrating with them on the day - the more the merrier right? Well with gathering restrictions changing so dynamically throughout the year, that obviously made it difficult to figure out who to invite. This past year, the micro weddings that I documented were between 20-50 people - ranging from venues in Innerkip to Toronto.

The Micro Wedding Outside

Given the stress to the changing guest count, a lot of couples opted to have their ceremony outdoors! Some got married with their loved ones in the forest at Guelph Lake, and others like Laura and Jesse (below) rented an adorable cabin in Muskoka.

The Elopement

"If it was up to us, we would just want it to be the two of us!" - a lot of couples tell me this!!!! Covid19 actually allowed that to happen without hurting too many friends and family. With an elopement, all you need is your partner, an officiant and two witnesses - some couples end up asking me to sign for me (VERY HONOURED!) and others bring their 'best people' with them to sign. With an elopement, you can be more flexible with your scheduling - for example, Christine and Steve eloped on a Tuesday at the Broadview Hotel!

Want to chat about your day? Let's talk! I am here for you!!!