A Comprehensive Guide to Elora Ontario | What to do & Where to stay *UPDATED 2021

Elora, Ontario has quickly become a destination location for tourists and weddings. Elora is known as "Ontario's most beautiful village." The charming township is located in Centre Wellington and is renowned for its 19th century limestone architecture, including the newly renovated Elora Mill Hotel & Spa operated by Pearle Hospitality. The town has a population of 3,796 and a population density of 1,072. The downtown has a main street, Geddes Street runs North/South and meets with Mill Street running East/West. At the end of Mill Street is The Elora Mill with a gated entrance at the corner of Mill St W and Price St.



The Elora Mill Hotel & Spa has become a very popular venue for weddings in Ontario. The Mill consists of six buildings with the main building at the end of Mill Street that has a lobby, restaurant and bedrooms. Next to the Mill building is the Spa. Within the gated grounds is also The James Ross House, a private suite. The Coach House is the fifth building that hosts rooms with a beautiful view of The Grand River. The Granary building is where the cocktail hour and reception happen. The Foundry is across the river with an indoor and outdoor ceremony space.

In the main building, The Solarium Room (which is an amazing spot to photograph) is popular for wedding guests. It has a huge bathroom, bedroom and then a living room that's completely enclosed in glass and has a beautiful fireplace. The view of the gorge is amazing - and you can see The Foundry space! Stunning natural light everywhere here. The Solarium Room is cantilevered over The Grand River - a unique view for sure!

Weekday Rate - $1100

Weekend Rate - $1300

Mill Bedroom

These incredibly beautiful rooms are located in the original Mill. The room vary in size but include a king bed, soaker tub and river views.

Weekday Rate - $500

Weekend Rate - $700

Terrace Suite

The Terrace Suite is located in the main building. Each of the suits has a private walk-out terrace, which includes a fire pit and stunning view of the gorge.

Weekday Rate - $950

Weekend Rate - $1150

Loft Suite

The Loft Suite is located in the main building. It is a split level with two bathrooms. It has a main bedroom with a fireplace and timber stairs up to a second bedroom. This room would be recommended for small families for sure!

Weekday Rate - $1000

Weekend Rate - $1200

Juliet Balcony

The Juliet Balcony is a spacious suite in the main building of the mill. It features a stunning Juliet balcony which overlooks The Grand River. The room also has a beautiful living room space and bathroom with a soaker tub.

Weekday Rate - $800

The James Ross House

The James Ross House is a private two-storey villa locate opposite the main building. The house has a loft-style bedroom upstairs, and a living area, dining space and patio. The lighting is much darker here! It's recommended that you go up to the windows in the bedroom for portraits!

Weekday Rate - $1000

The Coach House

This building is on the corner of Mill Street and Price Street and has been transformed from it's original build in the 1800s to a private guest house with nine private guest rooms. It is separate from the main building and is perfect for couples who want a bit more privacy that overlook The Grand River.

Couch House Terrace View

Weekday Rate - $600

Weekend Rate - $800

Couch House River View

Weekday Rate - $700

Weekend Rate - $850



The Elora Mill has become a very popular travel destination in Ontario. Here is the approximate distance from the surrounding cities

Guelph = 25km

Kitchener = 30km

Cambridge = 45km

Hamilton = 75km

Mississauga = 90km

Oakville = 90km

Toronto = 115km

Vaughan = 115km

London = 140km



Thinking about booking at The Elora Mill Hotel & Spa? Wedding packages range from $150-$250 per person. There are lots of things to consider, like where to stay! I've compiled a list of the rooms at the mill with average costs and some photos.

Your ceremony can be held inside at The Foundry or outside. Inside The Foundry space is a rustic and romantic space. Natural light coming through all side of the building, wooden beams, and a polished marble fire place.

The Granary - includes a main foyer, meeting rooms, The Irvine Room, The Grand Room and Rooftop Terrace. The building is wheelchair accessible and has an elevator that connects to all the floors including The Rooftop Terrace.

The Grand Room

The Grand Room is located on the second floor of The Granary. The Grand Room accommodates up to 200 guests with harvest tables, antique mirrors lining the wall, and stunning chandeliers.

Rooftop Terrace

If you book The Grand Room, you also have access to The Rooftop Terrace which is located on the third floor of The Granary. Both the Rooftop Terrace and The Grand Room are accessible via the elevator.

The Irvine Room

The Irvine Room is located on the main floor of The Granary building. The room has a rich, dark and romantic feel with a wood burning fire place and is perfect for a more intimate wedding with a seated capacity of 100.

Thinking about a sweetheart table? A lot of couples have recommended this!


Check in with your Day Of Coordinator at the Elora Mill Hotel & Spa and organize to take your couple for a quick golden hour session outside. Golden hour is the time of day within the hour of the sunsetting - during this time, you can guarantee some really emotional photos using light flares! If you are shooting in The Grand Room you can go up to the Rooftop Terrace. If you are in the Irvine Room, you can try sneaking outside to the corner of Price Street and Mill St. Make sure to google what time the sunsets that day and ask to take the couple for about 15 minutes for photos the hour before.

Where to go for photos?


This park is located right up the road from Elora Mill Hotel & Spa. Ask the Elora Mill staff and they will take you and the couple (bridal party and family even!) to this spot. If you are looking for that iconic shot of the couple on a rock in The Elora Gorge - it's best to make sure the couple is adventurous first! and then plan time that day to hike down to the spot. It's a very steep staircase to get down to the water from the park. Plan to be here for at least 30 minutes if you are taking photos - and an hour if you are walking down to the water. There are beautiful trees all around and the light is stunning!


This park is located on Mill Street and is a beautiful place to walk along the Grand River. There is a little waterfall and a board walk that runs through the park. There's a lovely little red iron bridge that crosses the river - great for bridal party photos.



I did a quick search on Air Bnb to find the most popular places in the area in reference to the Elora Mill Hotel & Spa. Here is the list of the Top 10 Air Bnb with the name of the place; average cost per nights; the walking distance from the Elora Mill Hotel Mill & Spa; the number of guests; the rating and link! The places range from 2 guests to 6 guests and in price from about $175 up.

Elora Gingersnap

Average Cost Per Night - $175

Distance From Elora Mill - 500m

Number of Guests - 2 guests

Air BnB Rating - 4.92

Air BNB Elora - Victoria Street Retreat

Average Cost Per Night - $200

Distance From Elora Mill - 400m

Number of Guests - 3 guests

Air BnB Rating - 4.96

Karger Gallery Suite

Average Cost Per Night - $330

Distance From Elora Mill - 200m

Number of Guests - 2 guests

Air BnB Rating - 4.99

Devin’s Dream

Average Cost Per Night - $220

Distance From Elora Mill - 200m

Number of Guests - 4 guests

Air BnB Rating - 4.95

Limestone…a unique experience downtown Elora

Average Cost Per Night - $250

Distance From Elora Mill - 1.1km

Number of Guests - 4 guests

Air BnB Rating - 5

The Wright’s Coach House - Cozy up by the Fire

Average Cost Per Night - $230

Distance From Elora Mill - 1.8km

Number of Guests - 6 guests

Air BnB Rating - 4.98

Elora Hills

Average Cost Per Night - $185

Distance From Elora Mill - 2.1km

Number of Guests - 6 guests

Air BnB Rating - No Reviews Yet

Private Victorian Guesthouse

Average Cost Per Night - $190

Distance From Elora Mill - 900m

Number of Guests - 4 guests

Air BnB Rating - 5

Elora Sanctuary

Average Cost Per Night - $175

Distance From Elora Mill - 500m

Number of Guests - 5 guests

Air BnB Rating - 4.93

Local Nest Steps to Elora Mill, Shops and Gorge

Average Cost Per Night - $425

Distance From Elora Mill - 300m

Number of Guests - 6 guests

Air BnB Rating - No Reviews Yet



Take a look at the most popular places to eat in the area with the price range, distance from the Elora Mill Hotel & Spa and google review.

Cafe Creperie of Elora

Price: $$

Distance from Mill: 100m

Rating: 4.1

Scoop Icecream

Distance from Mill: 50m

The Evelyn

Distance from Mill: 300m

Rating: 4.8

Elora Brewing Company

Price: $$

Distance from Mill: 350m

Rating :4.4

The Cellar Pub and Grill

Price: $$

Distance from Mill: 250m

Rating: 4.5

The Lost & Found Cafe

Distance from Mill: 150m

Rating: 4.7

Elora Mill Restaurant

Distance from Mill: At the Mill

Rating: 4.4

Wreckless Eric

Price: $

Distance from Mill: 200m

Rating: 4.4

Box Social

Price: $

Distance from Mill: 400m

Rating: 4.4

Restaurant: The Friendly

Distance from Mill: 110m

Rating: 4.7



Thinking about going for a hike? Check out the Elora Conservation Area - Park and Conservation Area - located in the Grand RiverValley. The Grand River rushes through the gorge, which has 22 meter high cliffs - in the warm seasons you'll often see kayakers and tubers in the gorge! Fun fact - you can sometimes see this from your rooms at the Elora Mill!

If you are looking at some adventure in Elora, One Axe Pursuits provides ice climbing, zip lining and urban repelling! Check out the links and costs below

Ice climbing


$250 per person

Time 10am-4pm

2-10 people

Skill level - beginner

Zip-lining Extreme


$250 per person

Time 10am-4pm

2-10 people

Skill level - beginner

Urban Repelling


$150 per person for 3 rappels or per hour per person

1-12 participants

skill level - beginner

Glass blowing at Blown Away which is known nation-wide as one of the most hands-on glass blowing experiences! The names of their classes are quite funny - First Base, Second Base, Third Base - go check it out yourself http://www.blownawayglassstudio.com Classes start around $295 plus HST and up!



Think you want to join the Elora Community? Check out the new Elora Mill Condominiums being built