Guelph City Hall Ceremony

June 13th - a very special day for Ross and Sheena: the day they met years ago; the day they got married at city hall in Guelph 2019; and the day they will be having a full ceremony in England next year. The afternoon started with Ross and his brother rocking up to city hall - dressed in John Lewis suit and a blue bow tie. Ross' brothers had arrived a few days earlier from England. They stood outside City Hall and made sure that Ross was looking perfect for the ceremony.

The boys headed inside just as the rain started. Sheena and her best friend showed up and snagged a parking spot on Carden (MIRACLE)!! I got some quick photos of Sheena twirling in her ASOS jumpsuit and lace BHLDN cover up, then we headed inside city hall.

The ceremony was short and all kinds of sweet! Surrounded by their witnesses, Sheena and Ross promised each other forever.

Everyone grabbed an umbrella and we did a quick little dance in front of city hall then headed over to Tomme Cheese! After trying some champagne & truffle cheddar we popped over to 39 Carden.

Luck would have it the place was absolutely empty except for us. The rain poured down outside and I had Ross’ brothers and Sheena’s best friend recount the story of how they met - it was amazingly well done! After the story, we all shared a French 1951 - delicious and highly recommended! Ross and Sheena even got a first dance in the restaurant - HUGE THANKS CARDEN ST CREW!

We decided to get super adventurous and head out in the rain to the covered bridge by the Boat House! At this point I had dubbed the wedding the #TourDeGuelph LOL We snapped some fun pics while the thunderstorm rolled over head. Dessert was had by all in the form of BLISS COOKIE DOUGH! I brought 5 spoons so everyone had a taste - it didn’t stand a chance!

The couple and their besties then headed off to the Walper Hotel in Kitchener for the night and got snagged by CTV news for an interview

OH and by the way, this also happened to be the night that the Raptors won the NBA Championships, making June 13th even more memorable! #WeTheNorth


What the bride and groom said......

What was your favourite memory?

Our favourite memory was drinks & our dance at carden! Loved that!

What did you love about the venue?

The venue was low key: simple & elegant; the water display out front is great for photos!

What would you recommend for future couples?



Photography: Painted White Photography

Boutonnieres: Blooms & Flora

Wedding Jumpsuit: ASOS

Lace Coverup: BLHDN

Suit: John Lewis