Hide & Seek in Toronto

I spent the afternoon in Toronto at Hide & Seek and it was SO MUCH FUN!!! I got a message a few months ago from Jess, who owns Durand Studios! I’ve photographed her and her hubby before and we immediately connected! Jess let me know that she was thinking about renting out the Hide & Seek - a pop up experience based on childhood nostalgia!

We immediately started planning our adventure to Toronto! An adorable couple reached out and said they would model and we were set! We had a FaceTime call a month before to plan everything out - Jess had recently visited Hide and Seek with her husband Tim, so she sent me all the photos of their visit. I was honestly blown away with how many different places there were to photograph in the space! I had seen my friend Sarah (@thebirdspapaya) visit before and I was kind of obsessed with the ‘kid-like’ vibe that was rocking! We legit used EVERY ROOM in the time that we had, and even had some time leftover to visit our favourite spots - the ball pit and the cotton candy room!

The space started with a neon yellow butterfly wall. Then we entered this funky metallic giant ball room. Next up was the tactile hanging beads that was honestly the freaking coolest! Then there were four different rooms - an orange fur room with swings; a slinky room; the cereal room; and a velcro ball room. Following those we entered a ‘recess like’ room with two pink lockers and a pink bench and the walls were decorated with neon signs ‘Keep Dreaming’ and #Whatever - there was even a cotton candy maker in the room! Next up was the cloud room with a pink lego chair. Then my favourite room - the clear ball pit and the foam hanging pool noodles. Then there was a retro pink space with cassette tapes on the wall, a neon ‘Lets Rewind’ sign and TVs you can put your head in! To top it off there was a pillow wall room and some epic funky star room. WE WERE BLOWN AWAY!!

The photos are all SO different and it was just honestly SO MUCH FUN! I felt like a kid for the whole time!

Best photos were probably in the tactile hanging beads - the depth of field was super cool!


“I had the best time shooting at Hide & Seek with Lydia yesterday. It was so fun to work in a creative space with another boss babe! Having the freedom to create in an already creative space makes the session so much more fun and relaxed. Hide & Seek is the perfect place to get away and just remember what it’s like to be a kid again!“

- Jess, Durand Studios


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