Just wait until you see her!

Beyond blessed to have an image featured in the Love (Actually) Collection 2020 at the Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, Ontario, Canada!

This photo was taken at Kelsea and Alex's wedding this past May. I was connected with Kelsea and Alex through a mutual friend, and brilliantly talented videographer, Lucas Bulger. I exchanged a few phone calls and texts with Kelsea the day before the wedding, but never met in person. I will always remember their wedding day so fondly - their personalities are so sweet and the humans that surrounded them were just as warm. A forever memory will be this moment, when their flower girl came down the aisle announcing Kelsea's arrival. Talk about an instagram versus reality moment?!

This exhibition would not be possible without the community builder and super woman, Scarlet O'Neill. This is the fourth annual Love (Actually) Collection at the Gladstone, that has been carefully curated by Scarlet. This year, Weddingbells also helped in the image selection! Every image represents real moments on a wedding day and that's honestly the most beautiful thing to see. Not only do you see it, but you FEEL it. Walking into that room you immediately feel like you want to cry happy tears. There's nothing quite like that. Hats off you, Scarlet - you are a true inspiration in this industry.

It would be incredible if you stopped by to check out the exhibition - there are some truly moving photos that are part of the series, and it is beyond an honour included.

Here are the details below if you want to stop by and check it out!

Opens Thursday February 6th 11am - 7pm daily until March 4th located in the Art Gallery Bar on the main floor of the Gladstone Hotel

Opening night party February 13th at 7pm


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