Let's Go Workshop - Canon Beach, Oregon

I had the amazing pleasure of attending the Let’s Go Workshop this April in Canon Beach, Oregon. Talk about an insanely beautiful place to host a workshop! The entire time we were there I couldn’t get over the view. Even if I hadn’t had a life-changing workshop experience, the scenery was definitely worth the trip. If you’re ever in the area-- I highly recommend hitting up Hug Point.

Among the teachers was Grace Burt (the creator of the Let’s Go Workshop), Maciej Suwalowski, Jennifer Moher, Jacob Loafman (of Popular Photography and Rangefinder magazine), Carrie and Nicole from Junebug Weddings, and Catalina Jean. Every single teacher in attendance brought so much to the table. I don’t even know where to begin.

Jennifer Moher, a fellow Canadian lovely, hosted a life-changing night with her workshop “Step Up or Step Aside: Improve Your Business and Live Your Best Goddamn Life”. I honestly didn’t anticipate how emotional and powerful this workshop would be. I don’t know if there was a single dry eye in the room. Jennifer really encouraged us to overcome our fears and just do everything we set our minds to. The moments I shared with my fellow creatives during the workshop are moments that I will forever keep close to my heart.

The next day we were welcomed by Catalina Jean for her workshop “SEO is fun”, which honestly blew my mind about SEO. Next we had the girls from Junebug Weddings, who talked about the importance of converting social media into leads.

We spent the rest of the day shooting two couples: both pairs Lets Go Alumnus! It was apparently a really unique experience since the tide at Hug Point was totally out; we got to witness a very rare waterful because of the significant rainfall! The two bridal-models were stunning in their Claire La Faye dresses (OMG). I was totally blown away by this experience and I am left craving more experiences like it. So, if anyone wants some wedding portraits cameo’d by a beach and a waterfall let me know!

The second day we were introduced to Maciej and Jacob who led two crazy inspiring workshops. Maciej - or MAGIC - is an expert in finding the right clients and really supported us attracting people that vibe with who we are. Jacob left a lasting impression with his workshop about letting your creative weirdo shine. I really held his message close to my heart. It’s hard being creative in the modern industry-- but he really encouraged us to push our creative boundaries. Jacob then put us up to a little creative challenge that really got the wheels turning for a lot of us. It was such a joy to bond with the other photographers and ask myself really tough questions and dig deep. If you’re ever in a rut-- surround yourself with creatives!

I can’t stop thinking about this experience. I feel renewed, refreshed and ready to start showing my true colours as an artist and ready to start using some newfound SEO skills! I highly recommend this experience to anyone who hasn’t been.