MUST HAVE TIPS TO PLANNING YOUR WEDDING DAY: Your Timeline and Scheduling Questions Answered

A very common question that Wedding Photographers are asked is how the schedule of the day should go. If you hire a Wedding Photographer like me, we will want to work closely with you to make sure your day goes as smoothly as possible.

The really important things to think about in your timeline are:

TRANSPORTATION - think about getting from location to location! Sometimes weddings can have multiple locations - from getting ready, to a fun spot for a first look - make sure to determine the time it takes to drive to each location.

FIRST LOOK - are you thinking about doing a first look with your love? This really helps with the flow of the day - if you see your love before not only does it give you a moment to yourselves, but it allows you to do your family or bridal party photos before the ceremony, that way you can roll right into party time! A lot of Wedding Photographers will recommend doing a First Look because it really helps with making sure you get the MOST out of your day and enjoy being with your guests!

FUN FACT - some couples do love to do a First Look with their parent as well! Make sure that you find a nice quiet spot for this!

CEREMONY TIME - use this to frame your timeline! If you are able to, time your ceremony according to the best light! Your photographer can help a lot with this decision.

GOLDEN HOUR PHOTOS - make sure to block off time for what we call 'golden hour photos' - this is the moment right before the sun sets and tends to be the best time for that delicious lighting. Block off about 15-20 minutes for these photos and make sure to talk to your venue about where the best spots might be for photos.

IMPORTANT EVENING EVENTS - are there any important things you should let your photographer know? A lot of couples do fun entrances for cultural reasons! It's so important to let your Wedding Photographer know this so that they can plan the right angle and lenses to use.

Did you want a blank template that can help you organize your wedding day? Get in touch!