Rustic Spring Wedding

Even though the weather had a mind of its own, we had the most beautiful wedding day! The morning began with the bride, Kelsea, getting ready with her favourite ladies. They all had their cute jeweled robes - because Kelsea loves anything that sparkles. The bride’s mum had prepped the house for the day by putting up baby photos of Kelsea everywhere and dressing up the dogs with bowties (the sweetest).

The weather was lovely and sunny in the morning while the girls got glammed. We stopped by Alex’s parents house where the guys where getting ready - they had suspenders, bowties and socks with some cool hockey guy aka Mike Babcock - the head coach of the Leafs. We got photos outside by the shed right before a downpour hit - it only lasted a few minutes and by the time we got back to the bride’s house the sun was shining again!

We did some cute robe pictures by the pool outside. Paula, Kelsea’s mum, had gathered all the wedding details in one of their rooms upstairs. The girls all went up to the room to get dressed with Kelsea helping do up each bridesmaid dress and Paula doing up the buttons on her daughter’s dress. Although - cute story - I ended up finishing doing up the buttons - girl’s gotta help out right?!

Everyone hopped into the limo and we headed to the venue - with a quick stop back at home to get the flowers we forgot, yes we were all so excited we forgot the wedding bouquets back at the house! With flowers in hand we headed to the ceremony site where everyone was waiting. Surrounded by 60 of their closest loved ones, Kelsea and Alex exchanged the vows they had written to one another. After the ceremony we did a big group photo and then family and friends shots. Tried to get a good one of all the kiddos but it was definitely past nap time!

Then Lucas, myself, Kelsea and Alex and the day of coordinator at the club took us in a golf cart to the forest and pond area. We took the bride and groom photos in the forest and then Lucas took up the drone as the walked along the edge of the water. Allowing the bride and groom to spend a little one on one time right after the ceremony was so peaceful - and important! We all went back to the club where the bridal party was waiting - we took some fun, serious and hilarious photos of the crew. Next up OLLIE arrived! Kelsea and Alex rescued a dog a few years ago and decided they wanted him to play a big role in the day - well he stole the show

We all headed up the hall as the festivities began - with dances and speeches between courses, the night was just filled with love. We unfortunately didn’t have a golden hour because the rain came back, but we had the coolest idea in store. We gave each of the bridal party a pack of battery operated string lights and got them to rap the couple  - it was an AMAZING substitute for golden hour - we lit them up ourselves!

There were so many unique touches to this wedding - they had both parent’s OG wedding invitations on display - and used the bride’s parents cake knife! The night was full of heartfelt speeches intermixed with dinner and dances - it was perfectly organized by Everly & Grace Weddings. Everyone cut a rug on the dance floor and snapped some funny photos at the photobooth. It was a night just steeped in love

A few words from the bride and groom.....

What was your favourite memory?

"Our fave memory was when we saw each other for the first time (cheesy but our nerves went away the second we saw each other"

What did you love about your venue?

"The nature aspects is what we loved about the venue and that stepping back in time feel. The stone arches, the water, the tress, it made it a perfect fit for us!"

What would you recommend for future couples?

"We'd recommend they hire you! But really....vendors make the day go from stressful to smooth sailing. You, Andrew, Lucas, Rikki and everyone were so wonderful!"



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