Summer Solstice Wedding at Essentially Lavender

A Disney-themed Summer Solstice Festival Wedding at a Lavender Field. Say that ten times fast 😂

A Summer Solstice Wedding at Essentially Lavender

When a wedding becomes a summer festival at a lavender field you know it's going to be a good day. There are so many tiny little details about this wedding that just continue to blow me away - the bride and groom put their everything into planning and executing this day.

The ceremony was held near in the orchard with a gorgeous hexagon wooden arch that James had constructed. Essentially Lavender is actually James' parents property and this was the first wedding they had held there!

The day was coined #KIRKFEST in honour of their last name. Megan & James had made a colourful wooden sign to adorn the reception hall - and a huge one right by the ceremony site for group photos.

Something that was very important to Megan was incorporating her mum into the ceremony and the day. She had a customized BUDSIES doll made from a photo of when they were at Disney World together - they even added her yellow Disney band that she was wearing in the photo. Megan carried her mum down the aisle with her and we even got her having fun on the #KIRKFEST sign and in the pom poms.

From the ceremony site we then went into the barn for the reception and WOW was this looking amazing! They had long harvest tables set out with cards on each plate giving the history of Megan & James' relationship. FUN FACT - Megan's mum actually created her Tinder profile that she used to find James!

During the reception they played the shoe-game but with a super fun twist - they had their bitmoji characters on paddles! Adorable and such a great modern twist on a traditional wedding day game.

As golden hour approached we snuck Megan & James out to the Labyrinth. This was a lavender garden that James' mum had designed and we decided to get the drone out to show it in full effect! Oh an no big deal but we used two leftover purple smoke bombs - PERFECTION.

The party continued with some amazing dance floor moves and a first dance to "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" - another Disney touch added to this wedding day!