Sunset Stroll on Toronto's Shoreline - Maria + Vaso's Im-paw-ssibly Cute Engagement walk ft. Chewie

An engagement session doesn’t need to be complex or elaborate to be perfect for you. Sometimes it’s easiest to capture the joy of a moment through one of life’s simplest but most precious rituals, sunset walks with your four legged friend. And for Maria and Vaso it was just that: enjoying a regular night out in downtown Toronto with their lovable bernadoodle, Chewie. @chewiebernedoodle was the best tour guide and not only showed us some iconic architecture (the Gooderham Building) but also some of the shoreline’s best walking spots, including Sugar Beach and a stop in Berzcy Park, where Maria and Vaso used to go on dates when they lived in the city.

Walking Tour Highlights:

  • Started at Sugar Beach around 7pm - took some shots by the boat, under the umbrella and on the walkway - Chewie stopped to have a drink

  • Made our way along Queens Quay East & Lower Jarvis Street

  • Took some necessary shots on The Esplanade under the iconic walkway (Esplanade and Church St)

  • There was some construction around The Gooderham Building (also known as The Flat Iron Building) which really limited what we could do…so I just got a little creative

  • After our walk to Berzcy Park,- which is famous for its dog fountain-we headed back to Sugar Beach together and stopped in at YOTEA— a much needed refreshment break on such a hot night!


  • Parked easily in the Indigo Parking Garage - 25 Dockside Drive, Toronto, ON

  • The July red sun made for some stunning light!

  • It was also an insanely hot night - Maria and Vaso were smart and work casual summer clothes! You couldn’t even tell that they were sweating - but if you took a look at me I was absolutely drenched! Should have brought my neck fans. Next time!

  • Right now, the construction around the Gooderham is pretty limiting. Always be prepared for the unexpected when it comes to construction in Toronto. It seems to happen almost everywhere you want to go, almost every day of the year, so if you can, pre-visit the site in the days immediately leading up to a shoot if you can…or if not, making ask around for some locals if they have any insider info.

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