The Show Must Go On: Guide for Couples Planning Their Wedding in 2021 *Updated

Well here we are. We’ve made it to 2021! Over the past week or so we’ve seen lots of #newyearnewme posts to ring in the new year with more ambitious goals in an effort to say “out with the old and in with the something that’s not 2020”. And while it’s definitely inspiring to see how everyone is tackling the new year, we do think there’s still a need to find a balance between our dreams for a fresh start while still remaining grounded in reality.

The happy couple walk down the aisle to heart shaped confetti!

Whether you’re jumping into 2021 with both feet or stepping in slowly, we need to come to terms with the reality that we’re all still navigating our thoughts and feelings around this novel Coronavirus. As much as we’d like to tell Covid-19 that they are not invited to the party and leave this virus in 2020, the bitch just won’t leave quietly and we need to be realistic about what gatherings, more specifically what Ontario weddings will look like in 2021 and beyond…

Ontario Micro Wedding


Though the whole world seemed to stop turning in 2020, people still got married - yes, it actually happened! Despite the constant changes on gathering restrictions and sadly, venues being forced to close, love was not cancelled. As photographers we’ve witnessed couples pave the way (keep reading to hear some Covid MVP stories!) - by still getting married in spite of all the craziness and demonstrating that no matter what the circumstances, celebrating love is sacred. Through their experiences we have learned some lessons, so here is some sound advice from your mask wearing, vaccine awaiting, wedding photographers with actionable exercises included (we are looking at you, you serial quiz takers) - we don’t want anyone reverting back to the bread baking and tik tok video making era that was early 2020.



Since You Only Live Once….let’s try to only plan your wedding once. By being flexible with your wedding plans and doing all the leg work now, we can work to eliminate all those pesky anxieties that may arise with the uncertainty of pandemic wedding planning. This starts with prioritizing the top five things that are important to you and your partner on your wedding day. For some, that may be the special moments you share during your vows, for others that may mean doing shot-skis with your uni pals or epic Aunt Suz. It is important to think critically about what your priorities really are and being on the same page as one another. Not all weddings have to look the same - feel free to ditch traditions that might not be important to you! Creating a day that is unique to you as a couple will be part of your story, a story that is most definitely going to be shared in your future, like c’mon you got married during a worldwide pandemic! Putting together this ‘Priority List’ will help determine whether or not you should get married (LOL just kidding), this year with some scaled back aspects or if it’s best postpone to a later date to include your party animal friends.

EXERCISE - spend some time together over your drink of choice and create your list of wants and priorities for the day, merge your lists together and refer back to this list at any point if you are feeling overwhelmed with the planning process. Be sure to share this list of priorities with your closest friends and family who are helping you with the day.



Communication is going to be key - through a mask of course - in every aspect: with one another, with your families, and with your vendors. If you are changing any of your original plans, all of your wedding vendors should be in the know. If you’ve been in the planning process over the past year you’ve likely seen some of your wedding vendors posting on their social outlets saying “hey we got you” “we have your back” & “we’re here for you” but truthfully we can’t possibly support you to the best of our ability if we’re not kept in the loop. As your vendors we have been invested since the moment communication began.... so be cute and keep us in the loop. Once you’ve communicated with us we’ll be in great shape to prepare accordingly for your day!

That being said, we’re more than happy to bounce around creative ideas and think outside the box when it comes to your celebration. Here are few of the main routes we’ve seen couples take;

  1. Downsize your guest list and go ahead with your OG date! This can be in the form of an elopement with just the two of you or a micro wedding/minimony to include a small list of important guests or just 2 witnesses. Feel free to still go all out or allocate some newly freed up funds for an epic floral arch, or a wicked ceremony set up, or even go balls out on a fancy catered meal for the 2 of you or your besties!

  2. Have a Sequel Wedding