The Right Wedding Dress

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Ah, wedding dress shopping. For many this part of wedding planning can be totally daunting! Most of us have had a pretty clear vision of what style of dress we’ve wanted for a long time - others have no clue! Whether you know what you want or not, that initial wedding dress appointment can make even the biggest shopaholic feel overwhelmed. So - what can you do to prepare yourself and make the most of your time? Don’t worry ladies, I've got you!

Month/ Week Before the Appointment - Scour Pinterest, and make yourself a bridal moodboard. Pinterest recently updated their board system, and you can now create sub-boards (yaas organization!) within your main boards. Think dream wedding and inside of that board is dream dress. The more photos you have of the whole wedding ceremony and reception vibe you’re going for, the easier it will be for your gown specialist to help you in finding your true bridal style.

Pro-Tip: Shoes matter, and if you don’t have yours picked out yet, bring a pair that you envision being the same height as your wedding day shoe.

wedding gown, bridal, wedding dress, white dress
Destination Wedding in Malta

Day Before the Appointment - Make sure to get lots of sleep, drink lots of water (hello glowing skin) and eat a few smaller meals instead of large ones. Being bloated while trying on tons of dresses is not the best way to spend an afternoon. You will also be trying on many different styles of dresses, some of which will be going over your head - so a minimal hair and makeup look is best.

Pro-Tip: A beige strapless bra is your best friend. Bonus points for one that has removable straps that can be rejigged any way you need them! Another thing to think about is Spanx; if you’re planning on wearing them on your wedding day, you may as well bring them to your initial fitting.

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Day of the Appointment - This may be the most important tip of all; try to stay present. You might find your dream dress today, and you want to have a clear head and remember every moment. Whether you have a room full of friends and relatives, or just your very closest people, this day is about you! Soak it all in, let yourself be pampered, and don’t rush it. You won’t want to forget a single second!